If you’re interested in finding out what advanced riding techniques and skills could do for your confidence and ability then this is for you.

We believe that the very best way to understand and develop new skills is to see and feel them in practice, with the guidance of an IAM RoadSmart qualified Observer.
We’ll help you to develop new skills quickly and easily

Your free ride lasts around an hour, usually arranged at a time and location convenient to you – although some of our groups run rides on set days and locations . It is a relaxed and enjoyable experience with the opportunity to ask questions. There are no special requirements and the offer is open to everyone, providing you have a full licence and your own bike. You’ll gain some new ideas and skills, plus tips on how to develop your riding abilities.

How to book your free session
Simply email your details directly to the local organiser, click to send email – David Purchon
Please include your name, phone and email details plus the bike you ride.
We will make contact with you and arrange your ride.

Some useful information ahead of your ride.
Our free riding sessions are subject to availability and may not be available in all areas. The session takes place riding your own motorcycle with an IAM RoadSmart observer alongside you, this maybe 1-2-1 or in small groups of riders. There are no special insurance requirements. You must hold a full licence.
The Observer who will welcome you for your ride is a highly qualified volunteer. He or she gives their time and expertise to help motorcyclists become safer and more skilled through sessions with our group network. We have helped over half a million people to gain our advanced qualification and benefit from increased skill, confidence and knowledge of our increasingly challenging road conditions.