Thanks to Russ Wantling who has planned this Saturday’s ride to North Yorkshire. Total distance is 213 miles and there will be refreshment stops at Howden, Grossmont and Squires; from which the return will be a swift pass down the A1 to Bramely arriving back at a little after 5:00 pm. The stops will also give riders the opportunity to break away if they don’t want to do the full trip. Departure will be from McDonalds Bramley at 10:00 am prompt. Pillions will be most welcome. Associates also but they will need to be accompanied by an observer. Here is a map of the route. I’ll post sat nav files separately. Any questions? Please comment here, or contact myself or Russ.North Yorks Ride 28:05:16 North Yorks Ride 28:05:16 North Yorks Ride 28:05:16