Good afternoon All,

Mike’s plan for Wales has us departing Bramley at 10.00 am and, with 3 stops, gets us to Rhayader for about 5.00 pm. That gives us plenty of time to settle in and decide on plans for the evening.

So I suggest we meet at McDs from 0930 with a view to a departure at 1000. If anyone has not yet received a copy of the route please let me know. And all those bringing PMR radios, please remember to have them set for Channel 8 sub-channel 1.

I think we should adopt a flexible approach to the ride down. I am happy to lead those who want to travel in company, but I don’t want to force a particular pace on individuals who either want to press on, or who want to make more sedate progress. So if you do want to proceed independently just let the rest of us know on the day that you intend to part company, and we’ll see you at the hotel.

Look forward to seeing you on the morning of 6 May.

Ride Safe